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The teams that Ian & Alyson lead, including an overview of how everything fits together


Ian & Alyson are very much committed to growing mission-led businesses. An important characteristic of a mission-led business is that it takes steps to make a long term commitment to have a positive social impact through its business and operations. This commitment is what distinguishes mission-led businesses from ordinary businesses that engage in social responsibility initiatives separate from their core business.

Celula Ltd

Celula Ltd is the group brand under which Ian & Alyson operate their commercial interests. In short, the focus is about Managing Communication, Developing Content and Growing Communities. Through its subsidiary companies, Celula Ltd specialises in researching, building and developing web based solutions. These solutions are designed to facilitate the work of groups, teams and organisations, and can be used to communicate, cooperate, coordinate, solve problems, compete, or even negotiate.

Company No: 8551363

Mirata Ltd

Mirata Ltd

The Mirata focus is about understanding groups and how people behave in groups. The Mirata team has a profound understanding of Internet technology and how aspects of that technology benefit the user’s experience. Mirata manages and distributes software-based services and solutions to customers across the Internet from servers based in central data centers.

Company No: 4974584

Evolving People Ltd

Evolving People Ltd

Evolving People provide powerful Learning Management Solutions (LMS), designed specifically to manage internet-based training. Educators and Trainers can quickly assemble and distribute web-based instructional content and conduct interactive training on-line. Evolving People provides a platform for you to share your knowledge, with your people, using your brand.

Company No: 7810032

Pilgrimage Ltd

Pilgrimage Ltd

Pilgrimage Ltd provides a context for exploring and resourcing the Christian journey. A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Pilgrimage Ltd offers a gateway to a range of experiences, that are both geographical, and on-line, and are designed to grow, develop and deepen an understanding of the Christian life.

Company No: 7834553

Church, Civic & Community

Mission-led businesses are part of a wide landscape of socially-focused organisations, and they sit alongside regulated social sector organisations (such as charities, Community Interest Companies and community benefit societies). Along with their church, civic, and community teams, Ian & Alyson are committed to supporting a range of initiatives which are managed through a charity and community interest company.

The Jubilee Trust

Jubilee is a Christian Charity that works in partnership with individuals, groups and organisations, as well as through denominations, Christian networks and churches. The Jubilee vision is to see people develop a meaningful and authentic faith in every sphere of their lives.

Charity No: 1077936

Manna Community CIC

Manna Community CIC is all about supporting people on life’s journey. Manna’s vision is to create a framework that can act as a context for meeting the broad range of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs within the local community.

Company No: 9021407