Imagine Videos

Designed as 'discussion starters', and less than 1 minute in length, these resources help us look at things differently

Produced by Ian & Alyson and family, the Imagine videos are especially useful for helping organisations and groups open up their thinking, ignite their creativity, and rediscover new and exciting ways of working and growing together.

Imagine if Church

Our lives and organisations have become so complex and ordered. The Imagine if Church video, is about rediscovering what a true expression of church looks like in it’s simplest form, and what it really means to be church together. The video is narrated by a child, and looks at church through the eyes of a child.

Imagine if church was simple, so simple, even a child could understand it. What would happen if we looked at church like a child?

Imagine a Book

In an age of fake news and alternative facts, we are all looking for the genuine. The Imagine a Book video, is a challenge to read the bible like a child and to let it change our lives. The video is narrated by a child.

Imagine a book … not just any book, but a book packed full of other books. A book that has been around for thousands of years. A book that many wonder if it’s even true


Imagine a City

Looking from the outside in, what effect does unity have on the public view of the church? The Imagine a City video, promotes the idea of a united Church changing a city, and has been specifically designed to be shown to audiences inside and outside of the church.

Imagine a city … a city where the Church is seen as one, a city where the Church connects as one, where the church works together as one, where the church speaks as one.