About us

An introduction to Ian & Alyson, and an overview of why they do what they do

Ian Mayer

Ian is an innovative entrepreneur, who connects church, commercial, civic and community leadership, to see influence and transformation. His key focus is understanding people and how they behave in groups. Ian has successfully founded a number of Virtual Networks and Virtual Organisations. He currently manages a number of Internet based projects that range from business development to community and social networking.

Ian is a trained teacher and graduate in technology. He has been involved in education and training since 1990 and his roles have included, Teacher of Design & Technology and ICT, Head of Student Services, Head of Marketing and Director of Information Learning Technology.

Ian first started working with Internet and Multimedia Learning Technologies in 1995. He has experience in managing IT strategy as well as skills in developing and supporting on-line learning, mentoring and assessment. He has also acted as an examiner for both GCSE and Advanced Level subjects. He has worked for AQA, OCR, and WJEC and is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL),

Ian is a member of Rotary, a 1.2 million member organisation, made up of business and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change, in local communities, and around the world.

In March 2019, Ian was appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, a Crown appointment, working alongside the Lord Lieutenant across the region.

Alyson Mayer

Alyson is a dedicated people person, who uses a range of technologies and social media, to augment real-world relationships. She is relational and supportive, actively seeking to positively impact people and communities. Whether strategically, or at grass roots level, her focus is about understanding and meeting the needs of individuals. Alyson currently manages a range of community projects and support services through a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Alyson believes that the family has a vital role in all we hope to achieve together, and that relationships are the foundation on which our families, communities and society are built and strengthened. She is passionate about investing in future generations, and sees Generation-Y (also known as the Millennial Generation) as a strategic group in developing the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of future communities.

Alyson has been involved in planting businesses since the early 1990’s. Alyson is also responsible for a range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies which include reaching out to the Charity, Voluntary and Community Sector.

Alyson also operates a lifestyle consultancy service, which is part of a total lifestyle concept that seeks to fuse beauty products, health philosophy and spa treatments.

Ian and Alyson are also involved in a number of Christian projects where they play a lead role together. They both have a vision to see people develop a meaningful and authentic faith in every sphere of their lives, and are passionate about connecting church, commercial, civic and community leadership, to see influence and transformation. Ian and Alyson have three grown up children and five grandchildren, and live in the North of England in the United Kingdom.